ILD®: World-Leader in Integrity Testing Technology

Since 2001, International Leak Detection (ILD®) has been the leading provider of roofing and waterproofing integrity testing. Our success is based on 30 years of experience, our proprietary Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM®) testing method, and our commitment to exceptional service. We’ve earned our leak-proof reputation by getting the job done right every time.

Today, ILD® is a multinational company, serving clients from offices and affiliated partners around the world. Wherever you are, our stringent quality assurance and training standards ensure you benefit from the highest calibre of service.

Your Roof Is One of Your Most Valuable Assets. Protect It!

The smallest puncture, membrane split, or mechanical default can cause severe and costly structural decay, interior damage, wet insulation, and mold. Only ILD® can offer proven expertise and our advanced EFVM® proprietary technology for unparalleled leak detection.

We make certain no leak goes undetected. How?

Our certified inspectors perform non-destructive integrity tests on new or existing waterproofing membranes and containment liners using our pinpoint-accurate EFVM® technology. This rigorous technology, combined with our multilateral services, provides superior detection of all waterproofing defects and breaches.

We are an independent testing agency, without affiliation to waterproofing or roofing consultants, contractors, or membrane manufacturers.  ILD® does not produce specifications, assist in waterproofing, or roofing membrane selections, or perform membrane repairs.

Discover the ILD® difference. For a free estimate and consultation, please contact us today by email or call 1-866-282-5325.