Signature Projects

We’re proud to have worked on some of the most iconic buildings in the world, including the Empire State Building in New York City and Trump Tower in Chicago, Illinois. Here are a few more of our signature projects:

Andrew’s Air Force Base, MD
70,000 (sq ft)

Aotoa Square, New Zealand
120,000 (sq ft)

Canadian War Museum, ON
170,000 (sq ft)

 Cuisinart Resort, Anguilla
12,000 (sq ft)

European Court of Justice,
Luxembourg 22,000 (sq ft)

Exhibition Grounds Hannover,
Germany 1.7 million (sq ft)

FedEx, Chicago O’Hare
Airport, IL 200,000 (sq ft)

Golden Eye Data Centre, ON
295,400 (sq ft)

LBJ Library, TX
100,000 (sq ft)

Library of Congress, VA
140,000 (sq ft)

Lorton Water Tank, VA
85,000 (sq ft)

Muhammad Ali Center, KY
30,000 (sq ft)

Mumbai Airport, India
1 million (sq ft)

Munich Airport, Germany
650,000 (sq ft)

9/11 Memorial Plaza Freedom
Towers, NY 
220,000 (sq ft)

Quais d’Orsay, France
65,000 (sq ft)

Robson Square, BC
100,000 (sq ft)

Sakhalin Energy, Russia
15,000 (sq ft)

Siemens Headquarters
Munich, Germany
40,000 (sq ft)

Trump Tower, IL
42,000 (sq ft)

UN Building, NY
35,000 (sq ft)

Vancouver Convention
Centre, BC 280,000 (sq ft)

Victoria Desalination Plant,
Australia 520,000 (sq ft)