Care Packages for our Troops

Oct 7, 2021 | Blog

The ILD team spends a lot of time consumed with the technical aspects of leak detection. Over the last 20 years, we’ve walked miles and miles on rooftops across North America and indeed, around the world. Our technicians, reading probes in hand, walk the roofs, head down, pinpointing membrane breaches. It’s what we do, and it’s what we’re good at. But get us together (off of the roof!) and you’ll see a different side of our team.

Gathering together to help others in our community is important to us. It’s been a long-standing tradition for us to build something for the community at our annual general meeting in the spring. Last year and this year however, due to COVID, it simply wasn’t possible to bring the team from both sides of the border together. Instead, when we held our recent ‘Tech Appreciation Day’, we undertook our latest build: care packages for U.S. troops stationed overseas in harm’s way.

In conjunction with Operation Support Our Troops, we assembled over 100 Comfort and Care Packages. Each box is prepared for an individual military service member, sent at the request of a military person or their loved one, and each package is designed to be shared with 10-plus soldiers. We couldn’t have been more pleased to play a small part in bringing joy to our brave service men and women.

Operation Support Our Troops coordinates the procurement and shipment of donations of Comfort and Care Packages to troops deployed overseas. To date, they have sent over 2.1 million pounds of items, one 25lb package at a time! Boxes are filled with snacks, food, and personal items that soldiers may not be able to get from their PX, or that are just not the same as what they used to get back home. The care package contents are donated by individuals, organizations, corporations, churches and schools. Many of the boxes also include letters or drawings from community members.

It was a pleasure and an honour for the ILD team to prepare these boxes of care and deliver them to the Operation Support Our Troops warehouse.

We invite you to learn more about Operation Support Our Troops: