Harold Washington Social Security Center

Jul 14, 2019 | Case study

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Year Work Conducted: 2019

Membrane: EPDM

Total square feet: 55,000

Features: Smartex® DM Roof Monitoring Installation

The Harold Washington Social Security Center was constructed in 1975 and occupies one city block of Chicago’s West Loop and is named in honor of Harold Lee Washington, a former U.S. Congressman and the first African-American mayor of Chicago, who served the city from 1983 until his death in 1987.

The 10-story, 55,000 square-foot center required a new roof, and in 2019 the old roof was torn down to be replaced by a flat, black EPDM membrane roof along with active roof monitoring.

Smartex® DM, an intelligent flat roof monitoring system, was installed under the EPDM membrane. The system tracks the moisture ingress of roofing systems 24/7 and raises the alarm through email or text when there’s a breach. Permanently installed on the vapor control layer below the insulation, sensors continuously monitor roofing integrity providing a cost effective solution for building owners and property management.

Smartex® roof monitoring is an ideal solution for protecting the sensitivity of work done in buildings such the Harold Washington Social Security Center. Our advanced technology provides peace of mind today and tomorrow.

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