EFVM® Testing of Uneven Surfaces

May 2, 2019 | Case study

The Kansas City State House was in the process of installing a concrete layer of stairs that had a hot liquid waterproofing membrane.


buildingThe contractor suggested an EFVM® test by ILD® due to the fact that the 8,000 square foot area was installed the previous year. Although there was no damage visible to the naked eye, the contractor wanted to ensure the area was 100% watertight before the stairs were completed. Flood testing was not an option due to the inability to build dams around the stairs.

The EFVM® test discovered numerous breaches. Repairs were not economically viable and the area was reinstalled. The EFVM® test was used again to verify the new membrane’s integrity and the Vector-9 wire was left in place to allow for future re-testing after the concrete was installed.

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